Selection Steps

Performance Tuning

* obiee is a comprehensive reporting tool.

was getting error in connecting the local database in physical layer. ensure u have tns.ora file in obiee n/w folder

components of obiee
* presentation service
* oracle bi server
* bi scheduler


Uploading repository

Physical Layer
* physical layer defines physical data sources and oracle bi server uses these definitions in order to submit queries.
* physical layer is first layer that v have to create
* there could me many data sources based on different technologies

Dashboards (d/h)

* all BI objects will be published in d/h
* end users are going to access d/h to see the results of a/y
* any user who are connected to presentation services can access their private d/hs
* we can also create shared d/hs that will be common to a group of users.
* d/h consists of d/h pages
* d/h builder is used to modify content of d/hs

Performance Tuning

* when a user request is made, result of request can be stored in a local file on BI server. This is called cached result.
* queries we execute against DWH causes a large amount of d/b processing

Gathering Cache Statistics
* can be gathered by using Cache Manager (tool in BI Administration Tool)
* these stats help us to understand queries that r satisfied from cache.
    * if most of the time queries r not being retrieved from cache, it means v r nt managing cache successfully.
* open in online mode. cache mgr nt activated when open rpd in offline mode.

* u will c cached objects & queries

* go to Action -> Show Info
* u will c Cache Information window & all stats regarding cache.



* publishing analytical reports in d/h will nt satisfy business requirements.
* business users will be interested in some reports that they can compare their values.
* KPI r also building blocks of strategy mgt.
    * in balanced scorecard mgt technique in an organization, first create KPI & use create scorecards using those KPI.


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