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Getting Started With the JDeveloper IDE [ref]
Developing a web rich application with Oracle ADF [ref]
Oracle JDeveloper & ADF — Getting Started Guide [ref]

Entity Objects (EO)
View Objects (VO)
Applciation Module (AM)
Entity Association (ASSOC)
View Link (VL)
List of Values (LOV)

ADF Faces


e.g. of ExecutewithParams operation [ref], to create parameter form

ADF Pagination
[] What is the ADF View Object Range Paging Feature?
[] ADF Table Pagination
[] JDeveloper: Fitler Table on Transient Column

iterate over  VO [ref]
get value from taskflow parameter (Using pageflow scope) [ref]

[sanb1] Oracle ADF Real World Developer's Guide

References Oracle Documentation:
[] How to refresh a table of data after inserting or deleting a row using ADF
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[] JDeveloper and ADF Community
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[] Application Module Pooling and State Management
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