Oracle Applications Framework (OAF)

Oracle Application Framework Profile Options Release 11i (11.5.10) (Doc ID 275876.1)  [ref]
Oracle Application Framework Development FAQ Release 12 (Doc ID 395437.1)  [ref]
Using Oracle Application Framework (OAF) and Application Development Framework (ADF) (Doc ID 563047.1)  [ref]
Useful Articles for the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Stack for Technical Consultant / DBA (Doc ID 828157.1)  [ref]
OA Framework - How to Find the Correct Version of JDeveloper for OA Extensions to Use with E-Business Suite 11i or Release 12.x (Doc ID 416708.1)  [ref]


Invoking OAF through form personalization (Zoom to Another Page) [1]
Search Page in OAF [1]
Update Records in OAF [1]
Update & Insert Records in OAF [1]

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