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* project defines one or more int services p/cs.

OLE DB (Object Linking and Embedding Database) [1]
* an API designed by microsoft, allows accessing data from a variety of sources in a uniform manner.

* data access technology from microsoft .net framework. [1]
* is a set of classes that expose data access services to .NET programmer [1]
* provides communication bw relational and non relational systems through a common set of components. [1]


Options to create SSIS p/c  [sanref2]
  1. SSDT (to create a p/c in rich GUI) [sanref2]
  2. import & export wizard ( to create simple p/c to move data from source to destinatinon without any t/f)  [sanref2]
  3. SSIS API objects to progmmatically create  & execute p/c [sanref2]

Control Flow
* when u r in control flow design surface in SSDT, SSIS toolbox is populated with set of task components
    that can be connected together to represent a workflow for ur package.

Dynamic Package Objects
* SSIS includes multiple objects that can be used to create dynamic packages
* SSIS can dynamically set a property in a task or component using and expression
* expression can be built using a set of building blocks including variables, parameters, functions, literals and more.
* when a package is run, expression is evaluated and used in the property as task or component is accessed.

FAQ - SSIS Information, Webcasts, Tools, Add-ons, etc...[1]
SQL Server Technical Documentation [1]
SQL Server Customer Advisory Team (CAT) [1]

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Delivering Business Intelligence With Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Fourth Edition

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