Web Services (w/s)

* is a piece of s/w that makes itself available over the internet.
    * it uses a standardized XML messaging system.  [sanref2]
* can be defined as a service offered by an application installed on a particular device or server to another device or client application
after communicating with each other through www (world wide web) [sanref1]

Components of  w/s
1. SOAP        (simple object access protocol)
2. UDDI        (universal description, discovery and integration)
3. WSDL        (web service description language)

* XML  based protocol for accessing web services [1]


* slow: soap uses xml format that must b parsed to b read.[1]
* wsdl dependent: soap uses wsdl and doesn't have any other mechnaism to discover the service [1]


[Java Web Services: Up and Running]


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